AudioVox Airtouch:
Type: Cellphone
Model: Airtouch
Brand: Audiovox
Year: 1997
Notes: Found this fully working
in a barn, probably in thereĀ 
since 2000

Old Kodak Brownie Camera:
Type: Brownie
Model: Holiday Camera
Brand: Kodak
Year: from 1953 to 1957
Notes: Found this in a barn

AsBESTos Sad Iron:
Type: Iron
Model: Sad
Brand: AsBESTos(?)
Year: 1900s
Notes: Found this metal detecting!

Master Lock and Key:
Type: Padlock
Model: -
Brand: Master Lock CO
Year: 1949 (on back)
Notes: $1 at a thrift store

Gateway 2000/Adaptec CD Creator:
Type: Software
Model: Part #7501243
Brand: Gateway and Adaptec
Year: ~2000
Notes: Bought this at a thrift shop alongĀ 
will a bunch of software for $1/piece. I looked up this CD and found nothing about it anywhere, I did find that adaptec made a similar program called "Easy CD Creator" and some versions of it were known to "kill" older PCs. This CD did exactly that, luckily I backed up my computer. It is a strange piece of gateway software, and as far as I know, this is the only one known to surface.

Maxx Megatouch Arcade Machine
Type: Megatouch (Arcade)
Model: -------
Brand: Maxx
Year: ~1996
Notes: I found this on the side of the road, and I had a blast repairing it! It runs a modified version of linux. It also runs Megatouch Jade, and has a working coin slot!