Why did I decide to backup my media in the way I did?
    Throughout the years, vast amounts electronics are bought and sold to people all over the world. A good number of these included discs, software, or digital instructions that came bundled with the product. Some of these forms of media and information have become inaccessible due to the lack of people who back them up, and its easy to lose the items overtime. I (the current site admin) have experienced the dread of buying a used product, and not being able to use the product due to the lack of resources/software available. That's why I created this website.

Why didn't I just backup my stuff on a pre-existing web archive?
    The reason why I chose to upload my stuff to this website, apposing to alternate services, is because I wanted to create a webpage dedicated purely to backing up resources/software that came with products, and are somewhat obscure. Another reason, I enjoy the process of scanning, uploading, and messing with the new software I contribute.

How can you contribute?
    Although you cannot directly add or remove archived discs and media from the website, you can email contribute@nostalgiarchive.com.

Will I be credited?
    Yes, your name (or requested alias) will be credited below the item you contributed. You can also request a website (will be subject to approval) that people will be sent to when they click your name.